Where Have I Been?!?!

I authentically feel really freakin’ bad for not being around, or even giving a single update on this! I am really sorry!

This is a project I really want to keep doing and will. But the problem has been: RPG Maker VX Ace really sucks and I so badly want to move to RPG Maker MV. It is kind of my fault for overloading VX Ace as I didn’t know all the limitations for the engine when I started. I found out when it was too late. The more I add into it, the more and more struggles to run. And I only have what, 3 zones in the darn game?

I am going to look into moving to RPG Maker MV and move over what I am able to. There will be a lot to do. But I need to get my brain wrapped around it all first.

I have also been so busy lately with developing an actual 2D RPG and getting back into Twitch streaming every single weekday. AND I want to get back into learning my electric guitar!

Things will calm down, and I really hope it is sooner rather than later because I REALLY miss this project! Again, I am sorry! I didn’t want to be one of those folks that goes quiet for months on end, but here we are!

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