When the Unexpected Happens…

Every now and then I bring up on Facebook that I will always try my best to make it so you won’t have to create a new character on the more stable public version of this project. The test version (the one registered users are able to get on this site) is the only exception. But then EverQuest pulls something very unexpected in a patch, and changes everything….

They added a Faction window. A way to view your exact numbers on every faction in the game that you have. So why does this affect the project? Well…. it gives me a way to actually give you the actual starting numbers for faction. But there is multiple things that have to change within the project since I decided to go this route of making it more exact to the live game.

The first is the biggest: I need to add a Deity selection at character creation. Every Deity you choose can have an impact with your faction numbers, and even WHERE you start in the game. I believe some of them will start you in Freeport, so I won’t add those right away. I will only be adding those that allow you to start in Qeynos

The next one is all the faction changes itself. What numbers each character during creation starts with. Right now I only added roughly 75% of them after creation. With this, I can add 100% of them and give much better meaning. And 1 thing that needs to be mentioned. With the system I am using, the faction is 0 – +4,000. EQ is -2,000 – +2,000. I am not able to do negatives, so I will just push the numbers up to make it fit into my system, but still has the same effect.

After that is changing up what factions are required to speak with certain NPCs. Right now I set a default of less than 500 faction, you won’t be able to speak with anyone of that faction. Also some quest requirements. Those will be looked at again following the changes.

Those are the biggest things, and it is a lot to take in, especially for me. But I am passionate about this project, and I want to do it right. As right as I can with what I have. I hope this all turns out ok. 🙂

And I want to clarify: Yes. This does mean you will have to create a new character when 0.5.0 comes out. But ONLY if you want the right numbers. If you don’t, you will keep what factions you have. BUT the adjustments to other NPCs and how they react to you WILL transfer over to your current character. So it could either be a good thing, or a bad thing. Depends where the numbers adjust.

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