Test Build: (Bind Wound)

This test build of 0.5.0 is available for registered users on this website! This includes an incomplete version of South Qeynos and will possibly contain issues that may require you to create a whole new character by or before the public release of 0.5.0. Here are the updates since the last build:

  • Doors make sounds!
  • You no longer have to press space bar to leave Fharas Leather and Thread shop. Touching the door will be enough now.
  • Bind Wound skill has been implemented!
  • Bandages no longer heal you for a percentage, they operate by your Bind Wound skill.
  • Every class gets Bind Wound, you don’t have to train it, you automatically get it by using Bandages.
  • Using Bandages will heal you by 3. For every fourth skill point, that value will increase by another 3.
  • You cannot fail the Bind Wound skill, but you won’t always skill up at every use.
  • Bind Wound is currently capped at 24.
  • Passive health regeneration has been nerfed.

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