Test Build:

This test build of 0.5.0 is available for registered users on this website! This includes an incomplete version of South Qeynos and will possibly contain issues that may require you to create a whole new character by or before the public release of 0.5.0. Here are the updates since the last build:

  • You can now enter Voleens Fine Baked Goods store in southern South Qeynos!
  • Karn Tassen, Heidi Grainsifter and Voleen Tassen occupy Voleens Fine Baked Goods and have stuff to sell you! Note: Mainly tradeskill items that are not active yet.
  • You can now enter Fish’s Ale in southern South Qeynos!
  • Bruno Barstomper, Klieb Torne, Micc Koter, Trumpy Irontoe, Sunsa Jocub, Lanhern Firepride (at night only), McNeal Jocub, and Talym Shoontar can be found in Fish’s Ale!
  • You can find multiple new random conversation spots in South Qeynos! Some of them can open up new conversation dialogues.
  • There are now 2 Trumpy’s, one at the docks and one in Fish’s Ale. If you do his “hidden quest”, your progress will save with both of him.
  • Trying to enter the building to the east of Fish’s Ale will inform you that it is locked.
  • You can now enter Fireprides in central South Qeynos, on the path towards the bank.
  • Lanhern Firepride (daytime), Meera Lylon (nighttime) and Ton Firepride can be found in Fireprides.
  • Behroe Dlexon was moved down further South.
  • Rogue’s that follow Bertox as a deity will con scowls to McNeal Jocub in Fish’s Ale. I need to figure out what faction he is on. He is currently on Karana Residents, which is apparently incorrect.

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