Test Build: (Fishing!)

This test build of 0.5.0 is available for registered users on this website! This includes an incomplete version of South Qeynos and will possibly contain issues that may require you to create a whole new character by or before the public release of 0.5.0. Here are the updates since the last build:

NOTE: The new RELIC item you can get while fishing can NOT be turned in yet. But hold on to it, or put it into the bank, it will have faction worth soon.

  • You can now fish!
  • Current skill cap is 20.
  • Each time you skill up, it will show your new skill value on the screen.
  • The skill you are at shows up on the Save/Load screen (it updates when you save it).
  • Look for splashing water in South Qeynos (4 locations).
  • Fishing Bait does NOT take up inventory slots.
  • Fishing Pole has a very low chance of breaking every cast.
  • Small chance to catch a Trophy Fish, which is a RELIC.
  • You may spill your beer.
  • You may attempt to catch land sharks.

– You can no longer walk all over Wrin Liltin’s tent near the docks.

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