Test Build:

This test build of 0.5.0 is available for registered users on this website! This includes an incomplete version of South Qeynos and will possibly contain issues that may require you to create a whole new character by or before the public release of 0.5.0. Here are the updates since the last build:

  • Performance improvements introduced in patch 0.4.4b have been implemented.
  • Ghul Rustem has been added. He is also a merchant, but currently only sells Bandages.
  • The area with Ghul Rustem has been redesigned to be much simpler. It is no longer a fenced in area.
  • Guard Tyrak, Guard Corshin and Guard Beren has been added.
  • Danaria Hollin has been moved onto the docks and out of the sand.
  • Raz The Rat Misk has been added and has a quest for you!
  • Menkes Tabolet has been added along with his 4 quests for some armor and a RELIC. These quests work a little differently than previously added as they start as repeatable quests. They will never be added to your quest journal. Just bring him the items he needs!
  • You can now go to the Inn to sleep to change the time in game from either Morning or Night. Currently it is free.
  • Many graphical improvements to buildings in North and South Qeynos. A few buildings were pushed more up against the city walls, and you can also walk closer behind buildings.
  • Exiting Lion’s Mane Inn via the backdoor will now place you in the correct position.

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