Test Build:

A test build of 0.5.0 is finally available for registered users on this website! This includes an incomplete version of South Qeynos and will possibly contain issues that may require you to create a whole new character by or before the public release of 0.5.0. The patch notes below are only changes made after the previous test build. Here are the updates:

  • South Qeynos has been updated to the new systems introduced in 0.4.4. You can now zone back in!
  • You now need Indifferent faction or better to get the Bard Reports quest from Jusean Evanesque.
  • Improved the flow of the Bard Reports quest.
  • You now need Indifferent faction or better to get the Aenia and Behroe quest from Behroe Dlexon.
  • You can now accept the Aenia and Behroe quest if you are currently on the Bard Reports quest where you must speak with Behroe. You can advance the Aenia and Behroe quest to the end and still be able to ask for his report no matter what step you are on.
  • Madame Serena will now speak to you and say something different depending on which deity you worship. She won’t say anything to those that are Agnostic.
  • You now need Amiable faction to get the Broken Lute quest from Cassius Messus.
  • A hidden quest in South Qeynos will now correctly give you credit for completing a repeatable quest.
  • I have temporarily (hopefully) deactivated weather due to a sound bug with it. Day/Night cycle is not affected.
  • You can currently sprint in South Qeynos with the SHIFT key (same key to show/hide the HUD). It will be deactivated in the next build.

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