System Updates in 0.3.0

There are quite a few updates to the system in how things work coming in the new patch. Here is a few of them. Do note that the screenshots may not show how it will look in the final build.

First off, I got a suggestion from a friend of mine, Melisa, to lower the sound volume of the menu. So, in 0.3.0 you will now have a new Option menu where you can adjust the sounds!

Secondly, the save system needed an overhaul very badly. It has been changed, and should also help avoid saving over a file you didn’t mean to save over! I may have done that a few times… What you see may not be what is in the final build. Chances are you won’t see your loot on the save file. Maybe something else?

Thirdly, whenever I did text changes to anything in the Quest Journal, it would not update in the game on characters that currently have that quest before the patch. So you will have an option to go back to the quest giver and reset the quest. If I can figure out how to make it a button on the Quest Journal itself, I will do that. I did a change to a quest, and took screenshots going through the reset progress:

And last but not least, I have put in the ability to walk diagonally. Your character will not walk in the direction you are moving diagonally, but it does not look bad. There is so much that would have to change that it is beyond my abilities to change it so they visibly walk in a diagonal direction.

That is all for now! See ya next time! ?

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