Status + The Road to 0.3.0

I had attempted to get a hold of Daybreak Games to see if I could make this public at some point in the future, but considering they do not respond to me, I will go ahead and do so when the time is right.

The current road map is this: I hope to get 0.2.2 out soon, which will see the completed North Qeynos zone, along with a few more quests along with the Cleric and Paladin classes. Chances are I will increase the level cap to 3 with 0.2.2, to prepare for 0.3.0. Some skills will also change, for example Warrior’s level 1 ability will be Kick, not Strong Attack. Monk will get similar changes.

Where does that leave 0.3.0? A very difficult decision in where exactly we will end up in 0.3.0 but I want it to be a very large update. Not just 1 new zone, but 2. I was going to just leave South Qeynos till a later date, but that city needs to be finished first. Many quests start in South Qeynos, so they can’t be ignored. On top of that, more class guilds are in that zone, which means more classes with that update. 0.3.0 would also see a level cap increase to 6.

I also want Qeynos Hills to be done, or at least implemented in some form in 0.3.0. This is a very large adventure zone with a guard tower, scattered camps, merchants, and of course: quests. Adventure areas should be much easier to put together, but I still want it to look good.

That is about all for the update!

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