Status of 0.3.1 Patch!

Where has the time gone? Life needs to stop taking over.

1 thing before I get into the status update, is the Screenshots section finally got updated! It should reflect many of the graphical improvements that came with 0.3.0. Some of the screenshots still show older versions, however those areas did not really change. And some are a little inaccurate, as I did prematurely post the currency changes coming in 0.3.1 in a screenshot that still shows as version 0.3.0! Ops! I will fix that soon (fairly low on priority list!).

Aside from the screenshots update, I have done a lot with 0.3.1 so far. A few bug fixes that were reported to me, but also some backend database changes that will allow me to add more items than default RPG Maker allowed. Will see how it goes in the long run, but the game shouldn’t see any slow downs.

The currency change will probably be the biggest feature change in this release. You no longer get just plat, but copper, silver, gold and platinum. It will automatically convert as you gain currency. For example, if you get 10 copper, it will change to 1 silver. If you buy something for 5 copper with that 1 silver, it will reduce you down to 5 copper. And so on. It is a full working system like how it is in EQ1. Money drops from mobs, cost of items on merchants, quest rewards, etc… will be as close to EQ rates as possible. I am still looking into random currency drops from mobs instead of a set amount. I went into EQ1 and killed a few Gnolls and settled on 5 copper per kill for now. But that could change before release, or at some point down the road. It is not set in stone yet.

0.3.1 will also see new items for sale on the merchant in Sneeds, including food and drink which will help increase your HP/MP regeneration over a period of roughly 20 seconds outside of battle. MP one won’t be needed until 0.3.2 comes out when we see the release of the Paladin and Cleric class. I know I put in a previous update that the Paladin and Cleric class would be in 0.3.1, but it will be 0.3.2 instead. Sorry! Same with the completion of North Qeynos.

Few other minor changes, but will post the patch notes when it is ready!

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