Release Delayed, 0.4.0 Next + Update



With no dedicated testers, I am not doing 0.3.3, and the next patch will probably be 0.4.0. What will 0.4.0 include? Here is a small list:

  1. Qeynos Hills Expansion
  2. A new class
  3. Crafting (minor release, mainly class quest combines for the start)
  4. Level cap increase
  5. Revamping mobs to have levels and classes
  6. Many new quests, and the ability to complete some you got in North Qeynos already
  7. A new area of North Qeynos that was not put into 0.3.2.
  8. WASD movement

That is a fairly small list, but is the major new stuff that I have planned. Can things change? Definitely. Keep an eye on here and the Facebook page for more information as time goes on!

And please remember: This is a hobby. Life will always come first. But I am dedicated to this project.

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