Progress Update on 0.3.2!

So much has gotten done the past few days, which has me very excited for this release! A few updates are in this post!


Rare Bosses


For a while now I been wanting a system where you could actually encounter a rare boss. But I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Until now. In Classic EQ, many players will remember Fippy Darkpaw. In 0.3.2, you now have a chance of encountering him. When you make contact with a gnoll pup, Fippy Darkpaw has a 20% chance of spawning instead. That percentage could be tweaked before or after release. He does have the same graphic as a gnoll pup,  but he will have a different hue, like so:



He currently has 30hp, which is double what gnoll pups have. As well as a point extra in ATK and DEF. He also has the ability to kick you on the 3rd turn, which can inflict a good deal of damage. If you are level 1, your best bet is to attempt to escape!


Active And Completed Quest Counts


On the Save/Load window, it will now show you how many active quests that character has, along with how many quests they have completed. These additions are NOT retroactive as past versions did not track this information. This will only work with new characters. It will only work on existing characters for quests they gain/complete AFTER the patch. Here is a screenshot of how it looks (and ignore the currency icons, they need to be updated!):



It is possible more things will get tracked as we get closer to release, and in future releases.




Yes. I have added in the ability to get drunk. Thanks to a friend of mine, Ashelee, I even included an ending effect that some may enjoy. It will get tweaked and added onto as time goes on. Gotta be careful when getting drunk! I know in regular EQ you have a tolerance skill and things get blurry, but I wanted to add a little more to that since I will not be adding a tolerance skill.


More Skills!


Warriors and Monks rejoice! At level 1, you will both gain 2 skills instead of 1! Price did go up a small amount in purchasing them, but they are still cheap and easy to get. If you have played classic EQ, there is a chance you have a small idea of what skills they are. Hint: Kick was already in the game.


That of course is not the end to what I have been doing. But those are additions that have been completed and working as currently intended for the release. I hope to put out another update soon! Cheers!

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