I have not done anything since the update showing the before & after shots 3 days ago. My problem has always been: I over-work myself, to the point where I get brain dead and need a break. I really need to set myself shorter time frames, and more days. The first day I started up on the 0.3.0 patch, I pushed myself for about about 7 hours. Which for me, is a lot. I really need to start setting 2 or 3 hour times, a few times a week. I just get so excited and so into it that I lose track of time, and I don’t realize how exhausted I am until the end of the 7 or so hours.

I did however break the 50 hour mark on how long I been working on this project! I usually don’t last this long on projects, so I am definitely in this one for the long haul.

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