Not Dead & 300 Downloads?!?!

You know, it is funny. I tend to give game companies crap that only post on social media and never on the official website. And what have I been doing? 😛 But to my defense, you can see the Facebook feed at the top without having to go to Facebook! Soooooo. But still, I suck.

Past few months I been getting real into game development with Unity and C#. Looking to eventually make a career for myself as a solo developer. But this project is not dead. When I did start this project, I tried to say as much as possible that this project is a hobby and updates are NEVER promised.

I also noticed today that this project has been downloaded by 300 unique individuals. That is a surprise to me with how odd this project is. At least, I find it odd. Turning an MMO into a 2D single player? What? haha. But yea!

Thank you to everyone that has stuck around and supported this project with comments on Facebook. I am really glad that I have peaked some peoples interest with this project. I would love this project to grow some more.

Other thing that has made this project slow is money. I need a subscription to EverQuest to be able to do a lot of what I do with how I do it. You can’t even create a new character in the original cities without a sub. And many characters get locked until you pay. It sucks. I am to the point where I need the information from starting Clerics, Warriors and soon Wizards. I know I could get on Project 99, but you can’t see the true starting faction values like you can on Live. I am stuck. I hope to get a subscription in November. I will keep you guys up to date!


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