“North Qeynos Expansion” Will Now Be Patch 0.3.0.

The patch coming soon that finishes up the North Qeynos zone, is more of an expansion, and should not be labeled as a minor release. Therefor, patch 0.3.0 will be the next one, and it will contain the completion of the North Qeynos zone. I bumped up the version number for many reasons.

The expansion will see the addition of faction checks. If you do not have the appropriate faction when trying to speak with someone, they will tell you to go away and will not speak with you, or in the case of merchants: they won’t sell to you or buy from you.

The Paladin and Cleric class will also be added in. Since the Cleric and Paladin Guild will be introduced in this patch, it only makes sense to also include those 2 classes.

Items! Merchants will be stocked. More armor will be made. Some merchants may sell stuff that don’t currently have a use, but you can check it out, and wonder “What is that going to be for?”

A balance pass will be done, and this does include the removal of many equipment slots.

Those are the major new features. Other new things include more quests, preparations for future quests when specific areas are added in, a revamped save system, certain areas revamped, and more.

I am very excited to get this out! ?

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