Nearly 10,000 Icons! Sewers!

In the internal build of 0.3.2, I have added nearly 10,000 more icons. These icons is what is used for weapons, armor, items, etc.. It will give me much more variety control on armors and weapons specifically. There are a lot that will never be used, it was a random set of icons, but it is a lot more than I had in previous builds.

I am also wondering if I should stop posting future plans. There is so much that needs to be done, that things will constantly change. I will have an internal idea of how things will progress, but I don’t always remember stuff! Like, I forgot about the sewers under Qeynos! That is the lowest level dungeon area that is closest to our starting Human character. What will come first? Qeynos Hills or the Sewers? I make no promises either way. At this point, just keep an eye on here! I won’t make a decision based on just level range, but also available quests and many other factors.

Not much progress has been made on 0.3.2 yet. The icons did take some work as some things got messed up (currency icons are still not accurate on the internal build, for example).

I hope to start work on it more next week. Been a fairly busy week for me!

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