Mental Health & You

Weird title for an update to my game, no? Well, no updates in a while because of my mental health. And that don’t mean its getting worse! I have just been focusing more on me than anything else the past few weeks, especially after getting a new and more proper diagnosis. A huge shout out and thank you to my close friend Lydia for helping me get back into this and for her help today in testing (even got a few bugs squashed in the process that will be in the next patch!).

I have plans up to patch 0.6.0, and depending on how things go, these plans could change, but so far here are the plans.

0.3.1 will finish up North Qeynos and get the Cleric and Paladin class into the game. Merchants may also get stocked up including new weapons/jewelry on the merchants in Ironforge. This patch may also see a massive overhaul to balancing, with changes to stats, damage, etc… Its possible that will be delayed until a future release however.

0.4.0 will see the addition of the large adventuring area known as Qeynos Hills beyond the North Qeynos gate, which will also open up many new quests and a level cap increase.

0.5.0 will see the addition of crafting. Many class armor quests you get from Qeynos will require you to make combinations, and I want it to be done through crafting instead of just handing over the required items. South Qeynos will also start getting into the game.

0.6.0 will see the completion of South Qeynos, with more classes getting put in. Stay tuned for more information on that! More expansion on Crafting will probably be done as well.

Obviously there will probably be other patches in between those for bug fixes or any other general additions and changes.

I am excited to continue work on this, but it could still be a slow road as I am still focusing on getting better, mentally. But this project won’t die, I can’t allow it too.

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