Ideas Come At The Worst Times!

But the BEST ideas usually come when you are trying to sleep, yes? This progress report will deal with Factions, and Balance.

When working on a game, you can’t just think of the NOW, you have to think of future additions at the same time. Otherwise, things could go very wrong later on down the road. You need to prepare. So I needed to make sure this was possible with the current system before I went to much further. And it is.

At some point, you will be able to make other races. But what happens if you are a Dark Elf, whom are a race hated in Qeynos, wanders into Qeynos? Can they just all of a sudden quest in that area and be welcome? Nope! Through some testing tonight, I was able to set factions DURING character creation. So if you select a Dark Elf, Qeynos will instantly hate you. Among other cities as well. The main problem I do run into however, is whatever faction I set during character creation, it will show up in your faction window as if you discovered it. I don’t see a way around that with the system I am using. But that is ok. It is something I will deal with if it means being able to have a much better faction system in the game.

I also mentioned balancing. When it comes to game design, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. And in this case, it comes at the cost of equipment slots. I need to get rid of most of them, and that change may come as early as 0.2.2, the next patch. I really hate doing this, but in the end, it will be for the better. It will make balancing that much easier. But what about quests that give equipment for slots that will no longer exist? I will either think of a different reward, or just not put those quests in. I will see what happens. But chances are, I will only skip the quests where it is for specific class armor. When it comes to quests you find out in the wild that don’t say what specific quest reward it gives, I will simply change the reward to something else.

This 2D single player game can’t be 100% identical to the 3D MMO. Sacrifices have to be made somewhere. And the first sacrifice, is the equipment slots.

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