I Am Still Alive!

Was a bit busier over the holidays than I thought I would have been (not a bad thing!), so every time I was home I just wanted to relax and play games or watch shows. So not much has gotten done. There really is not a whole lot left to do for 0.3.0 though.

There is 1 thing I will mention: I super highly suggest creating a new character for this build. There were some scripting changes, changes on how you get your skills, and the removal of some equipment slots. Some of those changes will leave empty spots in your inventory or skill list that you can’t get rid of. Even if you didn’t fill all equipment slots, you would have an empty skill slot that would get annoying during battles.

With how early on this is, making a new character really won’t be a bad thing as there is only like 15 minutes of content, but still wanted to give the warning! This won’t be out of the norm for a while, until I get the scripting and things how I like them. Some things will transfer over to a saved games, some things won’t. Not my decision on what does and doesn’t, all comes down to the engine I am using, sadly. There is still 1 huge system to still input as well. That won’t be in this one though!

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