Happy 4th! + Moving Day Tomorrow & Friday!


I hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July! What am I doing for my 4th? Packing!


I start the moving process at 2pm tomorrow (Thursday the 5th) and will have 48 hours to be completely moved out. Been a very busy past few days, and will be an even busier next few! I am currently spending my relaxing time either on Netflix, or playing a game. Not much energy for developing E2DQ at the moment.


But do know that I will be kicking it into high gear next week!! I am determined to make 0.4.0 the best release I have ever done. Free of as many bugs as possible! Many new features, and just a lot more to do in general! At least, a lot more in compared to what you got right now! The level cap is doubling, a whole new zone to explore, new mobs, new class, few new quests, the crafting system…. I am excited to get this out, but I will not do the same mistake I have been all the previous releases and rush it!


I look forward to getting this in everyone’s hands soon! As always, no release date, but when it draws close enough to where I am comfortable doing so, I definitely will! Cheers!

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