What Is E2DQ?

This project has zero affiliation with Daybreak Games or the EverQuest franchise. This is a game done as a hobby with zero intentions to make money or accept donations.


        E2DQ is an ambitious project by a single individual to convert as much of the Classic EverQuest world into RPG Maker VX Ace as possible… with a few extra things to help with the absence of other players. This is being done as a hobby, and updates are never promised.

        A bit of my teenage years was with the world of Norrath all around me starting in ’99. It became a much smaller part of me as I grew older, but it is always there as some of my best memories. So why not do a fan project?

        I try to keep the feel of the world and characters as much as I am able. But I do implement additional features not found in Classic (or current) EverQuest. This is to help with the absence of players part. Relics were the first major feature I implemented to help with 2 things:

  1. Missing gear slots! With how balancing works in RPG Maker, adding every single gear slot that EQ had become quite the challenge. So I reduced it down by a lot. Gear in slots you don’t have can still drop…. but they will drop as Relics. And that takes us to the 2nd thing…
  2. Faction grind. You won’t have others to help with the grind. So you gain faction with the gear you can’t wear, with the faction of your choice…. at a cost. You turn in a Relic to the Relic Master (brilliant name, I know!) and choose which faction to increase by a little bit. But increasing with 1 will usually also decrease it with the opposite faction.

        I also implemented a Progression Bag system. This is a bag slot that will progress and give you more inventory space as you find the appropriate quests and complete them. To get the 2nd Bag, you will have to do the 1st quest beforehand. They must be found and completed in order. This is to combat no other players to purchase bags from.

        I will add on to this later. But you kind of get the idea of what this game is all about and the goals I have.