Fishing Stream + Information!

Yesterday I did a livestream on the Facebook page showing 20 minutes worth of fishing! If you missed it, you can catch the replay here:

During that livestream, I caught more sandals and fish scales than I really liked. And my fishing pole broke….. twice. That shouldn’t happen that often! I made some adjustments, and I am going to release the all the fantastic percentages I was using, and what I changed it to. After that, I will explain a little bit about the fishing feature.

Below you will see a list, a list that won’t add up to 100% because that is not how it works! 😛 You can get multiple things happening at 1 time during fishing. Its a fairly complex feature, but for the user it is very simple. This list shows what the percentage was during the live stream and what it will potentially be on Friday when I release it.

Catch a Fish: 7.5% -> Stayed the same.
Skill up: 42.6% -> 38.3%
Catch Nothing: 62.1% -> 70.7%
Lose Bait: 41.6% -> 34.3%
Fish Scales: 18.8% -> 14%
Trophy Fish: 0.8% -> Stayed the same.
Tattered Cloth Sandals: 8.8% ->6.8%
Fishing Pole Break: 0.9% -> 0.2%

That is if your fishing skill is lower than 10. As you progress, every 10 skill levels, those numbers will improve. Chance of fishing pole breaking probably won’t reduce down to 0.1% until 100 skill, which won’t be available for a while. The cap at release will be 20. But, things can always change sooner if they need to.

Fishing is pretty basic in E2DQ, just as it is pretty basic in EverQuest. You go to the fishing spot (in E2DQ it is a set spot with splashing water), press your action key and wait. It is very random of what will happen and a bubble will appear above your head at times to give you a hint of what is coming. For example, you might get a question mark if you are unsure what you caught which typically means you caught fish scales or a sandal.

But 1 addition made to Fishing for E2DQ is a Trophy Fish. This won’t be able to be turned in at release, but soon you will be able to give it to the Relic Master for faction. 1 faction that will definitely be added is for Qeynos Citizens as there is not many options for raising that faction in EQ.

Also, in EQ, skills are capped based on your level. With RPG Maker that is a little harder to do. So, it will be capped based on the zone you are in. For example, South Qeynos could get capped at 20, and you will need to go to Qeynos Hills to advance further. But any further skills you gain in Qeynos Hills, will benefit your fishing skill in South Qeynos. You just don’t be able to skill up further in South Qeynos.

I really hope you guys will enjoy this feature. It is definitely relaxing, until you spill your beer.

Cheers 🙂

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