Few Updates on 0.4.0!



So, I have been slacking on posting updates on this site. That don’t mean no updates, in fact I been very active on Facebook posting them! As well as with a few friends. So what has been going on? A lot….


The base system for crafting will be in the game for 0.4.0. It won’t have a lot, mainly because many of the merchants for a lot of the tradeskills are in South Qeynos (which is not in the game yet). But the reason the crafting is going in now instead of later, is due to the script. Once I input the script, you will have to create a whole new character. And with the level cap increasing and the extra content being added in 0.4.0, I want to avoid you having to recreate a character when crafting came in, so I opted to do it now. I am hoping 0.4.0 will let you keep characters going forward. Time will tell how that will work out with this being very early in the stages though, but you can bet your ass I will try!


The Rogue
The new class in 0.4.0 will be the Rogue. I really tried to get a “Throwing” skill in, but I didn’t find any scripts that were to my liking, nor a way to do it very well without scripts. I had gotten throwing knives created, and a skill that should have only gone off as long as you have them in your inventory, however even though it will say you don’t have any, the skill went off anyway. I ended up scratching that plan for now. Instead, Rogue’s will start with a “Throw Dirt” ability. Basically it will pretend you pick up dirt off the ground and throw it into your enemies eyes, which will blind them temporarily. They will also get a “Stab” skill that will work the same way Kick does in terms of damage, but it will require a piercing weapon to be equipped to be able to use it.


Mob Aggro
Another change I got put in, is mobs will aggro you now. Sure, touching a Gnoll would prompt you to engage in combat without having to press the action key, but this time if a Gnoll touches you, you go into combat. But not only that, but they will chase you. Its not perfect, pathing is a bit weird since you are able to walk diagonally and they can not, but its better than the system I had and will make dungeons a bit more fun (I hope!). I don’t want people to be able to rush through a dungeon to the end without having to combat anything, and I hate blind encounters, so this is my attempt to combat that.


Inventory Overhaul
The inventory screen is getting a completely new look. It will still show Items, Weapons and Armor as usual on the main inventory screen, and Weapons and Armor tabs will work as they do now.  However the Items tab will open a submenu where you can see tabs for Vendor loot, Crafting, Relics and Quest Items. What are Relics? I will get into that some other time. I kinda mentioned an idea on the Facebook page, but its a growing thought.


North Qeynos Graphical Overhaul
Yes. North Qeynos is getting a new look. None of the buildings have changed locations, and only 2 got new siding. But there is another part of North Qeynos, a very large part, that has drastically changed. Including much of the layout. I realized if I want this to look good, I can’t do exact layouts from a 3D game to a 2D game, some things have to change. But I am still staying as true as I can to the original layout that I can.


Many bug fixes will be in as well. Especially when it comes to the Temple of Life. Right now, that area is super buggy. It looked ok in code, but since I copy/pasted some code, it seems a small typo or space where there shouldn’t be a space, got copied along with it, making lots of issues! But its all fixed now! I hope!


There is a lot going in. And yes even the new Qeynos Hills expansion. No news on Qeynos Hills yet, but I will say the map is in and complete. It just needs populated. Everything is going great, and I hope I can get this out soon! Lots of work to be done!

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