This project has zero affiliation with Daybreak Games or the EverQuest franchise. This is a game done as a hobby with zero intentions to make money or accept donations.



E2DQ has dozens of the quests from EverQuest, from helping Sneed with his “problem”, to rising in the ranks with the Headband quests from Phin. And the amount of quests continue to go up as more and more zones make their way into E2DQ.


Original Zones
E2DQ features 2 zones from the original EverQuest: North Qeynos and Qeynos Hills.


Many items can not be used in E2DQ due to not having the correct equipment slots. So they were turned into Relics. Relics are a great way to help you increase faction. You can turn them in at the guild of your choice to increase factions. This will expand as time goes on. Some Relics require a specific guild to turn them into, while many give you the choice. They can be attained from rare drops or quest rewards.


E2DQ features over 100 of the original factions in EverQuest. While they are not all put to use just yet, they are all in, and will be used.


Random Conversations
As you roam around the world you will hit “hot spots” which allow you to eavesdrop on conversations by other NPCs. These can only happen 1 time on your character, per conversation. They can never be repeated. They can cause dialogue choices with other NPCs to open up, among other things. But those dialogue choices and other events are also 1 time occurrences. When you leave, you can never go back to them.


Bag System
You will have 5 slots to equip bags that increase the amount of inventory slots you have. Slot 1 is merchant bought. Slot 2 is from quest rewards. Slot 3 is drops from mobs. Slot 4 is drops from rare mobs. And Slot 5 is crafted when the crafting system is introduced.


The Grind
It will not be as brutal as the original EverQuest was, but it will still show its face. I want this to be a close experience to the MMO, but a little more forgiving due to the single player nature.


This game features 6 classes: Cleric, Monk, Paladin, Rogue and Warrior. You must train your skills and buy spells as you level up, and they will all be very familiar, but may work a tad differently due to the different system.


Right now only the Human is featured, with plans to expand as the map expands.


E2DQ currently has over 150 items from the original EverQuest. From loot drops, quest items, armor and weapons. The number rises with every major patch.