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I wanted to take a moment to discuss an idea I had with Factions. There are a ton of them in the original EverQuest. Enough so that I didn’t put them all in, some I left out. For example, I didn’t feel the need to include the faction with Sabertooths.


But when it comes to cities, I am hoping that I have gotten them all. But then it comes to the question of: What do you start with in your starting city? I was having the default at 1,000 for everything, which is the start of Apprehensive. I believe with your starting city, it needs to be 2,000, which is Indifferent. The factions go from 0 to 4,000, up to Ally.


All the other cities  that don’t mind Humans, like Halas, should start at 1,500. So they will still like you at least, but be a bit more apprehensive about you coming around. But when it comes to Neriak, they don’t fully know you so it shouldn’t be all the way at 0, but they will be threatening to you, which starts at 250, and is where that should start for cities like Neriak, Oggok, etc…


While this won’t give exact starting points for characters like it is in EverQuest, I feel Factions have to work differently here. This is not an MMO, it can’t steal away your life. While there will be some faction grinding involved to accept certain quests or be liked somewhere, it needs to be acceptable for a single player game.


Factions need to be looked at for 0.4.0 as well, because like Crafting, the second I start changing starting values, you would need to create a new character to gain those. Scripting is a PITA at times with RPG Maker.


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