Faction Revamp: Why Now?

This project has been in the works for over a year. Factions have been a part of it for a lot of that time frame. So why am I changing it all up now?

To easily answer that question, I need to go back to the day I started this project up to the point of first introducing Factions. This project was not going to be the entire experience from EverQuest. And for many reasons it still can’t be. And I also wasn’t sure how dedicated to this project I would be. So I left many areas fairly basic. And today, I am regretting that choice. But thankfully, I am able to go back and fix it.

Back then, I seen no reason to add factions for many of the games enemies. Gnolls for example. Why put in their faction? But today, I want it to be there. I want it as complete as I can get it. My passion for this project has done nothing but grow over the past year. I love this. And I want to get it to where I want it to be. And that includes not just an increase in the usage of Factions, but also the Deity system.

I have so many ideas of how to incorporate features from EQLive, especially when it deals with factions. And I want many areas, from NPCs to mobs, to treat you differently based on your faction. And I know right now I have the basics when it comes to NPCs, but it needs to expand to mobs as well, and expand on what it does with NPCs that you encounter.

Will this all be perfect? No, not at all. There is still a limit as to what I can do and how much time I want to devote to certain areas of the game. I still have to make choices and sacrifices. Not just because of my time, but also because of the limitations that come with the RPG Maker engine.

I really hope players have enjoyed what is already in the game. And I hope they will continue to do so. Seeing over 40 people having downloaded this project, a project I hardly advertise, makes me feel good about it. This is a project I started for myself as something to do, and it has turned into more. I hope this journey lasts a while. 🙂 Cheers!

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