Ever2DQuest Reborn Announced!

RPG Maker VX Ace is not cutting it. It really ain’t. So where does this project go from here? Not in the trash. Quite the opposite. It is being upgraded to RPG Maker MV. You will see drastic performance improvements, higher resolutions, more options, and so much more. What won’t you see? Quest logs. Faction windows. Things that really were not in EverQuest. I will still put in some features that will help considering this is single player and you won’t have players to help you, but I will stick more true to the Classic EverQuest experience than I was.

Want a small teaser of how Ever2DQuest Reborn will look? Well, it will have the same graphical style, but the main map will have a bit more effort thrown into it. Example? Here is the Monks Guild in North Qeynos running in Ever2DQuest Reborn:

Monk Guild in North Qeynos

I hope you like the little teaser because I am going to go into silent mode for a long while to get this project right. You will hear from me again soon. Until then, take care. 😉

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