Ever2DQuest Is Now Public



Too soon? Maybe. There is only 1 area in the game: North Qeynos. Some quests, lots of NPCs, many enter-able buildings that EQ players will definitely recognize.

I am not a professional game developer. I have been self-teaching ever since I started this project with RPG Maker VX Ace. It started out very basic, but over time features have expanded, systems have become more complex. I have been slowly moving away from the basic feel of an RPG Maker game.

For right now, I only have a Facebook page for the game. That is how you can send me your feedback or bug reports. Depending on what happens, I could expand on that, maybe even including a forum. I don’t know how many will even be interested in a game like this. But I will find out.

Thank you to the friends that helped me get to this point. Releasing this publicly is not an easy thing for me to do. This is usually a thankless job, but I am up to the task of dealing with that. I just hope some people enjoy this project as much as I have been enjoying making it.

The download link is on the Download page.

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