0.4.0: “Qeynos Hills” Patch

The 0.4.0 patch has been released to the public and is now available on the Download page! A mirror site to download from will come soon. Here are the patch notes, but be warned: They are long! Highly suggest creating a new character if you have one from a previous version. Otherwise you won’t get the faction changes and may not be able to get quests that you should have been able to get right away.

– New zone! Qeynos Hills!
– Rogue Class is in along with the Rogue Guild in Crow’s Pub!
– Graphical Overhaul of North Qeynos!
– Level cap has increased to 6!
– Overhauled Inventory!
– Relics!
– More Quests!

– WASD IS HERE! You can also use Space to select menu options and speak with NPCs. HUD toggle has moved to Shift.
– Enemies now have levels! The level will be visible during combat.
– You can now delete quests from your journal if they are not able to be completed (ie: zone required is not in the game yet). Simply speak with the quest giver again to do so. Quests that give rewards after completing certain steps can not be deleted, even if it can’t be fully completed yet.
– A lot of NPCs will now show what job they have in the world during dialogue. For example, Sneed Galliway will now show as “Sneed Galliway (General Supplies)” during dialogue.
– “Special” skills now show up as “Physical” skills.
– Healing spells and skills have been moved to a “Healing” category (including the Monk’s Mend skill).
– Starting weapons and armor now have an asterisk next to the item name and they sell to merchants for 1c.
– All items now have icons! They might not be perfect with what I have available, but I tried!
– The short term for Level (LV) now shows up as LVL.
– Region names at the top of the screen will stick around a bit longer.
– You will no longer get a dialogue popup saying how much currency you looted.
– Disease Element has been implemented.
– You can now remove your equipped weapon if for some odd reason you want to!
– Gnoll Scalp has been renamed to Gnoll Pup Scalp.

– New main menu picture!
– Inventory screen has been overhauled. It has the regular Weapons and Armor tabs, but when you select items you will get a submenu for things like Crafting, Vendor loot, Relics and Quest Items.
– You can now change your Resolution from the main menu. Non-widescreen resolutions are NOT supported.
– Factions window has been re-organized into different tabs indicating location on Norrath.
– Some Factions will show a lot more information on who or what the Faction is.
– The amount of Relics you have turned in and how many Rares you have killed now appears on the Save/Load screen for your character.

– The Rogue has been added!
– Rogues get the skill “Throw Dirt” at level 1. You will pick up dirt next to you and throw it into your enemies eyes, blinding them. It does not end your turn and costs 30TP.
– Rogues get the skill “Stab” at level 1. It has the same damage output as “Kick” from other classes but it requires a piercing weapon to be equipped. Costs 25TP.
– Rogues get the skill “Dodge” at level 4. Gives a +10% Dodge chance for 3 turns. Costs 50TP.
– Rogues get a new passive ability called “Pick Lock”. It does not have a use yet, but you can purchase it as it will have a use later on down the line. Can be trained at level 6.
– The Rogue’s Guild is located through a secret wall entrance in Crow’s Pub.

– Cleric’s Minor Healing spell does end your turn now, but heal has been increased from 10hp to 20hp.
– 2H weapon has been implemented. 2H weapons have a slower attack speed over 1H weapons, which means your opponent always has a better chance of hitting you first every turn, but you do more damage over a 1H.
– Attack speed has been increased slightly on 1H weapons across the board.
– Monks and Rogues have a higher attack speed over other classes.
– Warriors and Paladins have a 20% chance of attacking the enemy twice in a single turn.
– Clerics have a 10% chance to silence the enemy with every attack.
– Every character starts with different faction values depending on class. Factions at 0 will not be visible until you meet them.
– Monks can train “Round Kick” at level 5. It will replace “Kick”. It does slightly higher damage.
– Warriors can train “Bash” once they gain level 6. It will replace “Slam”. It adds damage to the stun.
– Warriors can train “Dodge” once they gain level 6. It will give you a 10% Dodge rate for 3 turns.
– Paladins now train Bash at level 6, instead of level 1.
– Clerics gain the “Courage” spell at level 1. It increases health by 10%, defense by 25% and lasts for 200 steps (after you walk 200 steps, it will turn off).
– Clerics gain the Furor spell at level 5. It will replace Strike.
– Clerics gain Holy Armor at level 5. It increases your defense by 15%.
– Clerics gain Light Healing at level 5. It will replace Minor Healing.
– White Headband now gives +1 LUK instead of +1 AGI. +5 HP remains the same.
– Removed the “Physical” skill type from Clerics as it wasn’t being used.
– Dual Wielding has been removed for the time being.

– The following NPCs are now merchants: Sneed Galliway, Crow, Sabnie Blagard, Ania Klaphia, Shenro Kazpur, Nerissa Clothspinner
– Some merchants will now say a random item they have for sale during the greeting when you select shop. Not all of them will have this feature.
– Nerissa Clothspinner has moved from Crow’s to outside of Ironforge’s (she travels between the 2 in EQ, but with the engine I am using, I can’t make NPCs travel between 2 different maps).
– Connie Link (NPC who was temporarily selling Cloth Armor outside Ironforges) now properly says her real job when you speak with her.
– Gerault Takenmaul in The Cobbler now has some dialogue before you enter his shop menu.
– Everyones favorite merchant, Tubal Weaver, has made his way to the North Qeynos Gates!

– NPCs, including Mobs, no longer move square to square. They move like you do, but slower. Some will have different speeds depending on what they are. For example, a snake will move slower than a Gnoll.
– Guards now have set patrol routes. Some will stop halfway through the patrol for a few seconds. Some are set in fixed locations and won’t move.
– Sabnie Blagard in Crow’s will now go down to Flynn and Moodoro like she is taking there order or checking on them.
– Crow is a little nicer when you speak with him now.
– Flynn Merrington in Crow’s says something different now…. still not a nice guy.
– Moodoro Finharn in Crow’s says something different now… and IS a nicer guy!
– Segran Rajhar in Crow’s near the door is now a mute.
– The following NPCs got a makeover: Shenro Kazpur, Connie Link, Dren Ironforge, Rendallen Ironforge, Moodoro Finharn, Flynn Merrington, Svena Ironforge, Ziska Ironforge, Hurrieta Ironforge, Henlom Visrek, Gerault Takenmaul,
– Dren Ironforge speaks!
– New NPCs in North Qeynos: J’racol Brestiage, Astaed Wemor
– Lashun Novashine has moved a few feet West of his original location.
– Gerault Takenmaul in The Cobbler now gives you the option to Shop and speaks when you do.
– When done speaking with Nomsoe Jusagta near the Temple of Life, it will no longer come up saying that the quest is not available due to not all zones being in the game yet. Conversation will just end, as there is no quest to accept yet.
– Davloran Girionlis near the portal into the Temple of Life will now speak to all characters. If you are a Paladin, you will get a little further into the conversation (your character will speak if Paladin). If not, the conversation will end after you inform him you are not a Paladin.
– Astaed Wemor by the portal into the Temple of Life will speak with you, wondering if you are here to pray, or to assist the temple.

– Respawn time of ALL mobs have been increased by 150%
– fire beetles have a health increase from 15hp to 25hp and provide 5xp, up from 3xp. They are level 2.
– With the exception of fire beetles and rares, all mobs outside the North Qeynos gates are level 1.
– Fippy Darkpaw and Prince Klicnik are level 3 and have 35hp.
– Prince Klicnik now gives 9xp, up from 6xp.
– Gnoll pups will now aggro by chasing you around and can initiate combat if they catch you! Limited sight distance. They will stop following if you move too far away.
– a large rat has been added at the North Qeynos gate. They can drop Piece of Rat Fur, Rat Whiskers, Rat Ears and Rat Meat.
– a grass snake has been added at the North Qeynos gate. They can drop a Snake Egg, Snake Fang and Snake Scales.
– gnoll pups can now drop anywhere from 3 copper to 1 silver, up from 3 copper to 6 copper.
– a mangy rat and rodents got a graphic change when in battle with them.
– Reduced the chances of getting 2 gnoll pups and Fippy in an encounter when in North Qeynos.
– If you die or escape from Fippy Darkpaw, there will be a new dialogue pop up after you respawn.
– Rats now activate battle at player touch, instead of activation. This is due to how they are, and how frustrating it can be to activate battle with them.

– Wall at the entrance to the Temple of Life in North Qeynos has been given a better graphical look.
– Another region name has been added for the North Qeynos Gate.
– The wall around North Qeynos got a massive graphical improvement.
– Ironforge has put up a small fence and got a nice big tree.
– The entrance to The Cobbler has changed, more in line with where it is located in EQ.
– Small trees have been added around the city area of North Qeynos.
– Moving to the center of the Temple of Life UFO will now ask if you wish to exit (it is not as obvious a portal as it is in EQ).
– North Qeynos got some street lamps!

NEW QUESTS (Can not be completed yet):
– Ghil Starn in the Rogue’s Guild needs you to deliver a package for him to South Qeynos.
– Knargon Lanenda needs you to visit with a courier in North Qeynos (4 of the 5 steps can be completed).
– You can accept “The Gnoll Slayer” quest from Marton Sayer in Qeynos Hills.
– You can now accept “Orange Headband” quest from Phin in North Qeynos.
– “Gnoll Invasion Plans” quest can be accepted from Rilca Leafrunner in Qeynos Hills, but can’t be completed yet.

NEW QUESTS (Can be completed):
– You can now complete the “Yellow Headband” Quest from Phin Esrinap.
– You can now accept and complete the “Rabid Wolf” quest from Priestess Caulria in North Qeynos. 1,500 faction with Priests of Life is required.
– You can now accept and complete the “Rabid Grizzlies” quest from Priestess Caulria in North Qeynos. 1,500 faction with Priests of Life is required.
– After you complete the “Rabid Wolf” and “Rabid Grizzlies” line of quests, they both become repeatable and will be invisible quests (not added to quest log, or register as active or completed quests in your save menu).
– Bear-Skin Boots quest can now be accepted and completed from Chanda Miller.
– Wolf-Skin Boots quest can now be accepted and completed from Baobob Miller.
– 2 invisible quests (from the same NPC) have been added in Qeynos Hills. You will be rewarded with a relic for each. They are repeatable.

– Togahn Sorast will now give a reason why you are not able to ask about his Headbands yet, over just you not being ready.
– The repeatable quests for Rodent Whiskers and Bone Chips have been tweaked, and in some cases fixed. I was giving less rewards for the repeatable part, however you now get the same rewards as doing the quest the first time, but some changes did take place: Rodent Whiskers main quest reduced from 20xp to 15xp, however repeatable was increased from 10xp to 15xp. Bone Chips main quest was reduced from 25xp to 20xp, however repeatable was increased from 15xp to 20xp. Faction rewards for the Bone Chips repeatable was also increased to the same amounts the main quest gives. The NPCs also speak less when you do the repeatable and won’t repeat what they said the first time.
– The Rat Whisker quest from Exterminator Wintloag has been adjusted to the EQLive values for faction and currency.
– The Bone Chips quest from Lashun Novashine has been adjusted to the EQLive values for faction (he gave me 2 seperate sets of faction hits with 5 bone chips, 1 a piece, so I set them to 2).
– Added a “Water Flask” to the rewards with Sneed’s Rat Infestation quest.
– After you get the White Headband, Phin will now inform you that you can speak to him again if you wish to continue the quest line. Same will happen after you attain the Yellow Headband.
– In the Headband quests from Phin, dialogue will now show in the center you giving the required quest items to Phin. This makes transitions seem smoother instead of “Do you have them?” and immediately going into “Great job!”.

– Most NPCs were not very friendly if you lost even 1 faction point with them from your starting faction value. This has been resolved. You need to lose a great deal of faction to get your city to not speak with you.
– Entering a new region will no longer persist at the top of your game window after you enter a building. It will turn off at the door.
– Many typos and grammar errors have been fixed! I didn’t count!
– Camlend Serbold will now train you as a Paladin correctly.
– Priestess Jahnda will no longer budge into the conversation and speak for Priestess Caulria.
– Camlend Serbold no longer has a twin by the same name. Filian Weagleross now goes by his correct name and will train Paladins.
– Priestess Caulria and Priestess Jahnda now correctly train Clerics.
– Roesager Thusten will now also train the Paladin the “Bash” skill as intended, not just “Lay Hands”.
– Davloran Girionlis will no longer say he only speaks with Paladins, when you are a Paladin. He actually had no use in 0.3.2 anyway.
– Paladins will no longer start with the Bash skill, you must train it.
– Clerics will no longer start on top of an NPC.
– Warriors will now speak with the correct NPC (Ebon Strongbear) to hand in their Recruitement Flyer. He is still temporary in North Qeynos until South Qeynos is in the game. His look is temporary as well.
– You can now train Paladin skills with Roesager even after you accepted the Plaguebringer quest.
– Henlom Visrek will now notify you if he is unable to train you if you are not a Cleric.
– Dialogue with the Priest of Discord will now have his name properly tagged on the chat window.
– When Clerics cast spells, it will no longer say you used the spell, it will now say you casted them.
– When training Minor Healing as a Cleric, it will now correctly say that it heals for 20hp, not 10hp.
– Bandages and Piece of Rat Fur can now be sold to merchants as intended.

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