This project has zero affiliation with Daybreak Games or the EverQuest franchise. This is a game done as a hobby with zero intentions to make money or accept donations.

Please note this game is super early. Only download if you want to check out what is going on, or want to help test and provide bug reports and feedback.  Please also note: Some things are placeholders! Yes, those beetles look like spiders. Yes, gnolls look like kobolds. I do not make graphics, I rely on outside, freely available, assets and DLC packs for RPG Maker VX Ace.


(IMPORTANT NOTE: All characters created in 0.4.3 or prior will NOT be compatible with patch 0.4.4 and beyond.)

Where do I send feedback and bug reports?
For now, the Facebook page is the best way. Either sending it a private message or commenting on the patch notes. I could expand on that as time goes on.