This project has zero affiliation with Daybreak Games or the EverQuest franchise. This is a game done as a hobby with zero intentions to make money or accept donations.

his page lists all the RPG Maker VX Ace scripts I am using, and the credit to the author. Some of the scripts have been edited by me, however these authors still get the majority of the credit.

Insane Anti-Lag by TheoAllen, with help from Tsukihime, Killozapit and Galv
Large Choices by Hime
Choice Options by Hime
Extra Drops by Yanfly
Instant Cast by Yanfly
Chase Player by Yanfly
Item Menu by Yanfly
Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Core Engine by Yanfly
Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Equip Engine by Yanfly
Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Message System by Yanfly
Yanfly Engine Ace – Move Restrict Region by Yanfly
Yanfly Engine Ace – Ace Save Engine by Yanfly
Basic Enemy HP Bars by V.M. of D.T.
Quest Journal by modern algebra
Explorer’s HUD by Galv
Monetary System by Spike
Basic Options Menu by V.M. of D.T.
Diagonal Movement by Karen’s Soulkeeper
Word Wrapping Message Boxes by KilloZapit
Shop Manager by Hime
Learn Skill Shop by Hime
Custom Use Conditions by Hime
Fullscreen++ by Zeus81
Region Names by Hime
WASD by Zalerinian
Crafting Script by Venka

No longer in use, but still in older versions:
Rare Enemies by Mr Trivel (removed in 0.4.0, still in 0.3.2)