Crafting – How To Do It?

So, the crafting system I had in place was removed. What exactly will replace it? This is, what I believe to be, the absolute hardest thing I have to conquer. And it is not a system where I can go out and download someone elses script for it. It can’t be level based, it has to be skill based. It needs to work as close to EQ1 as possible. So this is a system I will create myself.


All of this is thought, nothing actually put to test yet. So please don’t read this and go “That sound good, I can’t wait for it!”. I would rather you go, “Sounds ok, and I hope it works.”.


I really want to remain true in where you need to purchase a kit. Obviously it won’t have slots, so there will just be 1 type. Once you “use” the kit, it will open dialogue and show you skill level ranges that you are able to create. Say it will show “Skills 1 – 50” to start with. So you select that. It will then provide you options with what you can craft in that skill range. You select what you want to craft and a dialogue will come up saying required items, and if you have them, you select “Craft”. If you don’t, you can go “Back” and view the recipes again.


It will also be based on skill, not level. I believe the cap was like 200 in Classic (I will investigateĀ  before I actually go further, so use this as an example). As you craft items, you will skill up. The higher you skill up, the harder it will be to gain a point. A tradeskill will probably give you a point every craft up until 50, but after that it will slowly reduce in a percentage chance. Say 50 – 51 is a 95% chance, as an example. And so on.


Doing my own system will also allow me to place what your skill level is at on the Save/Load screen for your character next to where Active and Completed Quests currently are. So that will be a nice addition.


This is pretty straight forward, but the act of crafting wasn’t super complex. What can be complex, is getting the required materials to do so. For some things, I may place a player Marketplace, because lets face it, in EQ you was able to purchase stuff from other players. While I have no plans of doing so for weapons and armor (drop rates will be better in E2DQ), doing so for crafting materials would make sense. Will see what happens with that though.



I hope you guys like the thoughts I have. I am very open to feedback on this, its a huge feature that needs to be done right.

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