Converting EverQuest into Ever2DQuest



I thought I would explain some of the process of how I convert the 3D game, into a 2D game.


My source is Project 1999, both the database and the wiki. I feel that source is much more reliable over the live progression servers as it actually uses an older client.


I run EverQuest on one of my other monitors, with RPG Maker on my main monitor. I look around in EverQuest, I sit in an area and I start mapping it out in RPG Maker. Some areas are rougher than others with the limitations, but the city of North Qeynos was actually fairly simple. The only thing that took some thinking was how to do the Temple of Life area. While it is not perfect, I think it came out ok.


I also go in-game as a source of information. I kill mobs, I talk to NPCs, I check out merchants, and I take that information and I move it over into RPG Maker. I even look at how much items sell for, how much currency loot does a mob drop on average, etc.. I go as in depth as I possibly can. While some things do have to change, I try to keep it true to the original.


But then you got places like the Rogue’s Guild in North Qeynos. It has drops and uphills and downhills and just all around crazy. So I needed to convert it to be more flat, while still keeping the feel as much as I could. So what about the drop if you go the wrong way?  I have plans for that. It won’t work exactly, but I hope it comes out ok.


I also have to take class skills and change them up. They can’t always work exactly the same way. Take the Monk’s skill “Mend” as an example. As you skill it up, it has a better chance to heal you. I don’t have a skill up system in RPG Maker that could increase its effectiveness. So my outcome was to give it a 75% chance to heal you for 50% of your health. And it does not end your turn, so you can attempt to heal, while still having the opportunity to attack. The skill could be tweaked over time, but that is an example.


My source is not always fully accurate, and I understand that. But I do as much research as I can. Prowling around Google or wherever for information on the  more classic version of EverQuest. I will never claim that it will be perfect, but I always promise I will try my best.


That is pretty much the basics on how I get my information to convert it over. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me on the Facebook page!

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