Character Creation Revamp, Item Tooltips and No More Orcs!

This won’t  be a super long progress report, but I don’t want to share everything!


Character Creation Revamp:
Sometimes you just want to press Enter to get the text to appear faster, but sometimes that text appears faster than you can press Enter and it decided you just made a selection! Well, come 0.3.2, that will no longer be an issue! After both gender and class selections you will be asked if you are sure with your selection of whatever you chose. If you say no, it will take you back to choose again. Pretty simple, yes? More will be added onto the creation later on down the line, but sadly the possibility of customizing the look of your character is low (its a pretty complex machine!), however I have other ideas that could help with that.


Item Tooltips:
I am adding more information in the item descriptions for weapons and armor. They will now describe what type of item they are. For example, here is the new tooltip for Fur Lined Boots:



No More Orcs:
For too long, the Gnolls outside of the Qeynos gates had a crazy dilemma! They looked just like Orcs, however when you went into combat with them, they looked like Gnolls! WHAT?! Well, I am not an artist and never will be. I rely on outside help be it with free or paid assets. Sadly, I can’t really find any Gnolls laying around. I found something that is marketed as a Kobold, but I will say: It looks damn better than an Orc! Maybe in the future they will actually become Gnolls, but for now, this is what we will have!


There has been more work than this on the game, but I don’t want to show off everything! Gotta wait for the patch notes!

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