Changes From 0.4.4b1 to 0.4.4 Release

The 0.4.4 patch will be released later today. But if you tested or checked out the 0.4.4b1 patch notes, what exactly changed from then to now?


  • The battle music has been changed.
  • Bags are no longer auto equipped when you select “Optimize”. The RPG Maker engine does not know which bag is better. They must be manually equipped by selecting “Change” on the equipment screen.


  • The armor quests given by the Millers in Qeynos Hills has been made more simple. It still requires the same amount of items, but you now turn them all in at the same time instead of 1 at a time.


  • Monks “Mend” skill now has a 50% chance to succeed, down from 75%.


  • Marton Sayer will now correctly run a faction check when you start a conversation with him.
  • Fixed a minor display issue with text after accepting the quest from Exterminator Wintloag in North Qeynos.
  • Exterminator Wintloag will no longer ask you twice if you have the 4 whiskers if you do have them.
  • If you speak with Guard Weleth again after accepting the quest it will now show as him speaking, telling you to return after you returned the crate.
  • Filian Weagleross will no longer say he is pleased to meet you twice if you are not a Paladin.
  • Fixed an issue where the Onyxx Earring equipped into a Ring slot. The slot is now correctly named Acessory as was the original intent.

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