Build v0.4.4b1


  • Every single aspect of this game was touched on. From every NPC to every quest. If you find any bugs, please email me at Thank you!
  • Qeynos Hills and South Qeynos is NOT available in this patch release.
  • Warriors can not be created until 0.5.0 release.
  • You need to register on this website to gain access to the download. A Testers menu will appear on the left after you log in.


  • Removed the 640 x 360 resolution option. It was not supported and did not work well. Many interface displays were cut off.


  • When you create a new character, you now have an option of which Deity to follow! Each Deity also has a different starting location. Right now only those that start in North Qeynos are selectable.


  • The amount of factions in the game has increased from 117 to 169.
  • Depending on which Class/Deity combination you select, you will have your own unique set of Faction standings.
  • The Faction window is no longer tabbed. All Factions will be listed on a single list.
  • Many Factions got an expanded description of who they are.
  • The game will now run a faction check every time you speak to an NPC, regardless what stage of conversation you are at with them. Previously, if you accepted a quest, you could finish it even if you became hated by them in between of accepting and completing. The only exception currently is collecting taxes (a quest that is located in South Qeynos). You will collect taxes no matter what.


  • Unsure which faction an NPC is with but want to know how you stand with them? Start a conversation and select the /consider option! If your standing is below Dubious, it will tell you that they are threatening or scowls at you immediately.


  • The basic groundwork for supporting Languages has been added.


  • Ghil Starn will now only give you a quest as long as your faction is high enough with the Circle of Unseen Hands.
  • You no longer have the option to delete Ghil Starn’s quest. Its not completable yet, however the quest can be completed by time 0.5.0 comes out.
  • Phil Esrinap will now only allow you to start (and finish) the headband quest if your faction is high enough with the Silent Fist Clan.
  • The conversation flow of the Headband quest has been changed. You will no longer be forced to give him the required items to advance the quest if you don’t want to yet.
  • You can now accept the Rabid Grizzlies and Rabid Wolves quests from Priestess Caulria at any faction standing aside from threatening and scowling.
  • Due to having to recreate characters with this patch, you no longer have the “Bag” option when speaking with Sneed. This option was available to those characters that completed his quest prior to him offering the new Progression Bag so they could still get it.
  • Guard Weleth will now only give you his quest if your faction is high enough with the Guards of Qeynos.
  • The quest “The Clothspinner’s Sister” is now given by Astaed Wemor, and you require a certain standing with the Priests of Life to gain. An evil version of this quest will come soon.


  • Ghil Starn will sell to anyone of Amiable faction or above, not just Rogues.
  • Pelshia Thuxpire will sell to anyone of Dubious faction or above, not just Rogues.
  • Pelshia Thuxpire now sells a Backpack.
  • Whysia Flock in the Temple of Life now sells items.
  • Whysia Flock now only works during the night time. Tyokan Mekase will replace her during the day. They sell the same items, but have different dialogue.


  • If you are trying to speak with a Guildmaster of a class you are not a part of, you can still speak with them. They will no longer tell you they only train the class associated with them. You just won’t have an option to Train.
  • Many changes that I don’t fully want to list! Quite a few NPCs will be more in line with how they speak to you in EverQuest. Not perfect, but better than it was!


  • All Gnolls now give less faction to be more in line with EQLive.
  • All Gnolls now give a faction hit to the Sabertooths of Blackburrow.


  • When you activate the Renux and Hanns choices with Zannsin, they will become permanent additional choices when you speak with him. They will not go away (unless your faction drops below Dubious).


  • A new in-game clock has been implemented!
  • Day/Night Cycle got a full overhaul thanks to a script by Heirukichi.
  • It will no longer become visibly night time when you are inside a building.
  • A full day/night cycle takes 2 hours real time. An option to change time will come with South Qeynos at the Inn.
  • Time starts at 8am when you create a new character.


  • If you turn in a Relic that also has a decrease to someones faction, it will now be half of what you gained on the other. For example, if you turn in Fippy’s Paw to get Antonius Bayle for +30 faction, Kane Bayle will only get a 15 faction decrease instead of a 30.


  • Warriors now start with the correct tutorial information.
  • It should no longer rain when speaking with Hanns Krieghor.
  • Fixed numerous walking issues in the Rogue’s Guild where you could walk where you shouldn’t be able to.
  • It no longer has a chance to rain inside of Ironforge Estates.
  • When you go to train Minor Healing, it no longer says that it does not end your turn. It does end your turn.
  • Fixed some display issues with some text when turning in some Relics to the Relic Master.
  • Guard Liben no longer shows up as Guard Erabb.

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