Build v0.4.3.002

The new test version has been uploaded for registered users! Notes below 🙂

  • The bar in Lion’s Mane Inn is now open for business! 4 NPCs will sell you alcohol!
  • Iala Lenard has set up shop under a tent outside of Lion’s Mane Inn.
  • Byjan Timbokker has been added outside of Lion’s Mane Inn.
  • Wrin Liltin has finally come out of his tent near Lion’s Mane Inn.
  • Marlin Bizmite can be found by the docks outside of Mermaid’s Lure.
  • Madame Serena can be found along the southern part of the Mermaid’s Lure building (no dialogue).
  • Mermaid’s Lure can now be entered!
  • Captain Rohand can be found within Mermaid’s Lure.
  • A new repeatable hidden quest for faction has been added in South Qeynos.
  • Guard Forbly, Guard Mezzy and Guard Phaeton has been added outside of Mermaid’s Lure.
  • Faren has been added at the end of the southern dock.
  • Danaria Hollin has been added near the southern dock. Randomizes 4 different sayings each time you talk to her.
  • Changed the wording on the resolution selection screen.

– You can no longer walk onto of the wall and other items in Lion’s Mane Inn
– Graphical error with a lamp next to Fish’s Ale. The lamp is no longer on the roof.

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