Build v0.4.2.008

New build has been uploaded for testers!


– Rabid Grizzly and Wolf can now give you Rabies as originally intended with a 50% success rate. It will slowly drain your health outside of combat, but does not persist in combat. It drains it slower than your normal health regen. It won’t presist if you stand still, but it is set on a timer dealing with how many steps you take, so it won’t wear off, unless you move.
– Snakes can now Kick!
– Baobob Miller in Qeynos Hills has been moved slightly to the south in front of a tree.
– 2 new random events has been added to Qeynos Hills. Both have NPC movements.


– The random event dealing with Hansl Bigroon in South Qeynos will now only run 1 time, and can’t be repeated by walking over the spot again.

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