Build v0.4.2.007

New build uploaded for testers with the following changes and additions!


– “Formation” on the Menu was changed to “Group”.
– Resolution now defaults to 1024×640. You can still change it from the main menu.
– New NPCs added to South Qeynos (no dialogue): Sissy Huntlan, Gash Flockwalker, Ellisha, Lylanthian, Tomas Zelnik, Kazu Kolden
– New NPCs added to South Qeynos (with dialogue): Tasya Huntlan, Earron Huntlan, Nug Rellash, Fhara Semhart (just during Taxes quest), an investigator
– You can now enter Fharas Leather and Thread building in South Qeynos (18, 17)
– You can now enter the first floor of Lion’s Mane Inn in South Qeynos. Main entrance (15, 37), Back entrance (22, 24)
– You can now complete 6 of the 10 Tax collections for the Taxes quest.




– Multiple areas where you can walk on the wall has been fixed.
– Typo in the Quest entry for the Taxes quest has been fixed.

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