Build v0.4.2.005

New build uploaded for testers with the following changes and additions:


– New NPCs added to South Qeynos (no dialogue): Stan Colven, Dionna, Danon Fletcher
– New NPCs added to South Qeynos (with dialogue): Gharin, Guard Jerith, Hansl Bigroon, Jane Planesummoner
– New merchants added (with random dialogue): Fellesha Varshen, Raheim Varshen
– Crow’s Special Brew added to Crow’s merchant list.
– Gharin in South Qeynos has a quest for you! It can be advanced, but can not be completed. It will have multiple outcomes when finished.
– Region names added to South Qeynos to the buildings that are enterable.
– Bag N’ Barrel in South Qeynos (43, 5) can now be entered, both floors.
– Bigroons Residence in South Qeynos (42, 29) can now be entered.
– Planesummoners Residence in South Qeynos (42, 30) can now be entered.
– 1 new random event in South Qeynos


Bug Fixes:


– A bug was fixed in the Broken Lute quest given by Cassius Messus in South Qeynos. If you got the quest, please delete it and get it again to gain the fixed quest entry. Required if want to finish the quest later down the line.

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