This project has zero affiliation with Daybreak Games or the EverQuest franchise. This is a game done as a hobby with zero intentions to make money or accept donations.

        Hi! My name is Mike. I am currently on disability but hoping to start work again soon. I was diagnosed with PTSD at the start of 2018. Before that it was mis-diagnosed as Aspergers on the Autism spectrum. I may have a hint of Autism as sounds can really bother me, but that seems to be the only affect I get from it.
        I am just a regular 34 year old guy that has been gaming since the late 80s. Was mostly into consoles before my father purchased me EverQuest in 1999. That was the day my life changed, for the better. It introduced me to a whole new world, and a way to escape the reality I was living in at the time.
        I have always had the dream of being a game developer. I tried Unreal Engine and Unity, but I struggled a lot with self teaching. So I decided to start much smaller and go with RPG Maker. But I don’t know if I can label this as “small” anymore considering my goals with this project. But in terms of learning, this is small. This is really helping teach me goals to set, how far into the future I need to prepare, and how to interact with other players of my game.
        I did have a fear of releasing this to the public, but it was a big deal to me when I did. I don’t do well with criticism thanks to the mixture of anxiety and PTSD. But I feel I am in a better place to handle it. I also have plans of hopefully releasing this on Steam as a 100% free game sometime in the future. I just need to be ready for the reviews, especially from those that may not understand my intentions and limitations with this project.
        I don’t do well with these type of things. The whole writing about myself and future plans and whatnot. But I think that kind of gives you an idea of who I am and why this project exists.
        Thank you for taking an interest in my project! I hope I won’t let anyone down with it!