0.4.4b: The “Performance” Patch

As the title states, this patch was mainly looking at improving performance! Personally, I seen a 13fps gain. Depending on what specs you are running in your PC you could see different results. Little more specifics are below:

  • Decreased how far away events will process. If you can’t see an event, the event won’t run. Events are things like guards roaming the streets.
  • Decreased the amount of events that run at any given time. This should have no visible affect.
  • Temporarily removed weather affects. It will no longer rain or storm. It was removed due to a bug where if you entered a building while it was raining and then exited the sound of rain would remain playing for an extended period of time even when it was no longer raining. I hope to bring this feature back soon, I had put a lot of work into it!

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