0.4.3: “I Love Nerfs” Patch

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST speak to Sneed to get your first Progression Bag if you already did   his quest. It is required that you have it to be able to get a new Progression Bag later on down the line. The idea behind this bag is you gain upgrades to it as you progress in the game. More information will become available when the next bag gets implemented. This is 1 of a few features that is new to E2DQ that was not in the original EQ game. This is to help combat not having other players assist with bags and the absence of player markets.


– The Relic Master has been consolidated and revamped. He is 1 single guy located south of the North Qeynos gate, and rewards were revamped. In most cases, selecting to increase faction with 1, will decrease with another. You will get notified which faction will take a hit before you turn it in.


– Random conversation in the Rogues Guild is now an active event, not just text! You can not move until the event is over.
– 2 new random events has been added to Qeynos Hills. They are active events where you will see the NPCs move around. You can’t move until they are complete, but they are short.


– Added a path under the southern wall in North Qeynos so it don’t look like the wall is floating in blackness.
– You can now walk behind the PUB sign in front of Crow’s in North Qeynos.


– A new “Deaths” counter has been added to the Save/Load screen.
– A new “Repeatables Completed” counter has been added to the Save/Load screen.
– “Formation” on the Menu was changed to “Group”.
– Resolution options are now arranged into High Performance, Recommended and Not Recommended selections along with the resolution they apply.


– You can now hear it rain when it rains! Imagine that. On top of that, the weather system got even more complex! Oh my!
– The Day/Night cycle has been doubled in length.


**Note on the bag slot nerfs** I was giving too many slots to early on in the game, decreasing the chance of a much better progression as you progress in the game.

– The Large Bag has been nerfed from 18 slots to 6 slots.
– The Backpack has been nerfed from 24 slots to 10 slots.
– Nixx’s Bag has been nerfed from 20 slots to 8 slots.


– With the decrease in inventory slots, I also decreased how much vendor trash drops. In some cases I dropped the loot chance by 75%. This is still a work in progress, and numbers can always be altered as time goes on. Loot needed for quests was untouched.


– Baobob Miller in Qeynos Hills has been moved slightly south of his previous position. He is involved in 1 of the new random events and he needed to be in a new location for it to make sense.


– Crow’s Special Brew added to Crow’s merchant list. Will be for a quest in South Qeynos, but until then you can get drunk off it.


– Snakes can now Kick!
– Rabid Grizzly and Wolf can now give you Rabies as originally intended with a 50% success rate. It will slowly drain your health outside of combat, but does not persist in combat. It drains it slower than your normal health regen. It won’t presist if you stand still, but it is set on a timer dealing with how many steps you take, so it won’t wear off, unless you move.


– Sneeds Quest is now repeatable! The mangy rat will still be a 100% spawn chance the first time you do the quest, after which he will be a 15% spawn chance, sharing with a rodent. You do not need to pick up the quest again to repeat it, if you get the Rat Head, simply take it back down to Sneed.
– The first Progression Bag reward has been added to Sneed. If you already did the quest prior to this patch, you can speak with him to get the bag (select the “Bag” option when speaking with him).


– Potential fix of rain occuring during dialogue inside buildings.
– It no longer rains in the Temple of Life building.
– When you opened the door to the merchant building in Qeynos Hills, it showed grass inside. This has been fixed.
– Putrid Skeletons in the ruins now have a more appropriate background during battle.
– Prince Klicnik no longer spawns in Qeynos Hills.

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