0.4.2: “The Bag” Patch

ANY character created BEFORE 0.4.2 WILL have to be deleted! You must create a new character for this patch! I will try my best to avoid this in the future. Welcome to Early Access!


– Conversation *hot spots* have been added to North Qeynos. They are conversations you may happen upon during your time in the world. Once you hear one, you can never hear it again. Sometimes they can trigger something, somewhere. Feature will expand as time goes on.


– New music has been added to Qeynos Hills.
– There is now a day/night cycle! It could still use some work, but it is a start!
– Weather system is in place! It is fairly random and complex. I don’t even know when it will start raining!
– All dialogue during character creation now appears instantly.
– Entering and exiting most buildings has been reworked! Doors now open and your character walks in, and doors won’t be visible unless they are on the southern part of the building on the outside, or northern part on the inside. You will see a path to the outside from inside if there is no visible door and you will see your character walk out.


– New inventory limit system. If you go above the limit, your character will slow down. You start with 50 slots.
– You can now discard non-Quest items from your inventory.
– Quest items will NOT go against your inventory limit. This does not include quest items that can also be vendored (ie: Gnoll Pup Scalps and Medium Quality Wolf Skin).
– You can get bags to increase your inventory limit. There are 5 bag slots. Tubal Weaver is nice enough to offer a Backpack. And some mobs will have a rare chance of dropping a Large Bag. Here is how each slot can be filled:
Bag 1 = Merchant Bought
Bag 2 = Quest Rewards
Bag 3 = Mob Drop
Bag 4 = Rare Mob Drop
Bag 5 = Crafted


– Reduced drop rates of many items across all mobs. To compensate, many items have had their values increased, along with a few new items introduced into the loot tables that sell rather well. Not all items have been touched yet, but they are following EQLive values for the ones that have been increased or decreased.
– A rodent will always spawn on the 2nd floor of Sneed Galliways Trading Post. If you have the quest to exterminate a mangy rat, he will spawn instead. You can keep killing him and get multiple rat heads, but there is no benefit. Sneed will take all of them, for the same reward. Only need to kill him once (he has no loot or xp aside from the quest item).
– Due to the small space on the 2nd floor of Sneed Galliways Trading Post, the mangy rat/rodent has a slightly quicker respawn rate over other mobs.
– Crow and Sabnie Blagard now show their role as “Bartender” instead of “General Supplies”.
– Added Nixx Darkpaw to the Gnoll spawn chance in North Qeynos. He can drop armor, and a 100% chance of a Slot 4 Bag (adds 20 inventory slots). He is level 4 and fairly rare.
– Added a level 2 decaying skeleton spawn to North Qeynos and Qeynos Hills.


– You can now enter the 2 Guard areas in North Qeynos at the gates.


– New quest called “Investigator’s Badge (Badge #1)” can now be accepted, but not completed. You can gain the quest in the 2nd floor of the east Guard entrance at the North Qeynos gates.


– Many grammar and typo errors have been fixed.

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