0.4.1: “Sneed Sucks” Patch

I might have fixed Sneed. Maybe. Possibly. I hope? I tested on numerous fresh characters, and he worked as he should every single time now. Sadly this won’t fix it if the problem already exists on your character. I tried for a bit to find a way to reset him so he also reset the rat spawn for the quest, but he just wasn’t having it. I will probably re-do him entirely later on, but for now, he should work as expected for new characters.
Download is up on this page: http://www.ever2dquest.com/download/ And there is a Patch available if you already have 0.4.0 that you can download instead, save yourself about a 200mb download. You’re welcome. Please don’t try the patch file on an older version. I don’t know what will happen. Your PC will probably explode. I am not responsible.

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