0.3.2: “North Qeynos” Patch, Part 2



– You can now get drunk! Go drink! (Credit to Ashelee for ending effect).
– Character creation got a full re-write! Every class and gender now look different! And your weapon is automatically equip’d after creation!
– The game now runs in a larger widescreen resolution!
– Drastic changes to a lot of dialogue. A lot of it backend, but a lot you will notice with newer NPCs with more options in dialogue after accepting a quest and options to go “Back” in the dialogue.
– Increased max name length from 8 to 12.
– Weapon types have been changed, they are now in the following groups: 1H Slashing, 2H Slashing, Hand to Hand, Piercing, 1H Blunt, 2H Blunt. Item descriptions will say what type they are.
– After character creation, you will now start in front of your Guild Master who trains your class skills.


– Roughly 10,000 new icons have been added.
– New icons in the Quest Journal.
– Quest list area of the Quest Journal has been widened.
– More text has been added to the Quest Journal.
– New icon in the Save/Load game window.
– Save/Load window will now show how many active and completed quests you have.
– If you have an empty equipment slot, it will not show an icon.
– Class trainers will no longer show a training window to those of another class.
– “Key Items” has been renamed to “Quest Items”.
– The term “ATK” has been changed to “DMG” and “Attack” to “Damage”.


– Warriors now get 15hp per level, instead of 30hp.
– Monks now get 14hp per level, instead of 28hp.
– Monks can Dual Wield 1H Blunt and Hand to Hand weapons.
– Monks starting weapon has changed from “Claw” to a “Club”.
– Monks can now train the Mend skill from LuSun at level 1. It has a 75% chance to heal you for 50% of your health and costs 30TP. It does not end your turn.
– Warriors can now train the Slam skill from the temporary Warrior trainer at level 1. It will stun the enemy for 2 turns. Costs 50TP.
– For classes that use Mana, they will have a permanent regeneration of 2MP every 3 seconds outside of combat.
– All level 1 skills and spells are now FREE. You must still train them!


– Each class will now get a message after the short tutorial about a note in their inventory. Read it! Do what it says. More to come! (Location of the Warrior Guild Master is temporary until South Qeynos is added). With this new experience, you no longer start with casual clothes.


– Paladin and Cleric have been added!
– Paladins get “Lay Hands” skill at level 1. It has a 100% chance to recover 75% of your health. It costs 20MP. It can be used outside of battle.
– Paladins get “Slam” skill at level 1. It does a little less damage than the Kick skill, but debuffs your enemies ATK for 1 turn. (You currently start with it, that will change next update).
– Clerics get “Strike” at level 1. It inflicts damage on your enemy.
– Clerics get “Minor Healing” at level 1. It heals an ally for 10hp. It does not end your turn.


– Sneed Galliway’s Trading Post got a few new pieces of furniture on the main floor. Looks like a trading post now!
– Temple of Life buildings have been populated.
– Some more plants have gone up around North Qeynos.
– A sign has gone up at the entrance to the jewelry section of Ironforge.
– Many more trees and bushes have gone up outside of the area on the eastern side of the map (this area became MUCH more visible after going to Widescreen support).
– Doors will no longer be visible if on the side or back of a building. Instead, visible markers will be in place on the ground to help you find the entrance.
– As you enter certain areas of North Qeynos, it will tell you what area you have entered at the top of the screen. There are 7 different areas in North Qeynos.


– The NPC who temporarily sells Cloth Armor now informs you of her temporary status before you enter the shop along with where to buy Cloth Sandals from.
– All shop NPCs will now bring up a choice if you want to look at the Shop or not. You will no longer be forced into the Shop window.
– Tanlyn Galliway now sells Ale for 3s 1c. Mead for 5s 2c.


– A Priest of Discord has appeared outside Sneed’s. He wants to make your game a little more difficult. See what he has to offer!
– The following NPCs got a full makeover! Sneed Galliway, Tanlyn Galliway, and Crow.
– New NPCs: Davloran Girionlis, Whysia Flock, Roesager Thusten, Henlom Visrek, Kragie Rolana, Mellisa Purgor, Berane Constarg, Camlend Serbold, Priestess Jahnda, Suuspa Clanim, and Tonmerk Plorsin.
– Temporary Warrior trainer has been moved next to the small pond outside the pub.


– Fippy Darkpaw now has a chance to spawn in place of a gnoll pup! He can drop rusty weapons (better than starting weapons!) or an earring! Also always drops 4s. You have a 15% chance of encountering him.
– Prince Klicnik has a chance of spawning in place of a fire beetle. He is less fearsome compared to Fippy! Does not drop anything extra aside from more xp if killed. You have a 25% chance of encountering him.
– “Patch of Gnoll Fur” loot has been added to “a gnoll pup” and “Fippy Darkpaw”.
– “Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt” loot has been added to “a gnoll pup”.
– Currency loot from mobs that drop currency will now give a random amount between a specified number range.
– Trash loot sells for more at merchants.


NEW QUESTS (CAN NOT be completed yet, but can be accepted):
– Roesager Thusten in the Temple of Life needs proof that the Plaguebringers are roaming the hills outside of Qeynos.
– Tonmerk Plorsin in the Temple of Life needs you to deliver a potion to someone in Freeport.
– Suuspa Clanim in the Temple of Life needs you to end the Plaguebringer threat and return their mark to her!


– The Quest “Exterminate The Vermin” has had its reward nerfed, however it is now repeatable! After you finish the quest, you can select the dialogue option to repeat it.
– The “Bone Chip” quest from Lashun Novashine is now repeatable.
– Repeatable Quests will NOT add to your completed or active quest counts after the first time that you do it.


– Health now regens at a set amount outside of combat instead of a percentage. Currently 4hp every 2 seconds. This is a temporary number, it will be decreased to 2hp every 3 seconds once I get food regeneration working.
– Rations and Iron Rations, for now, heal you for a set percentage. Rations for 75%. Iron Rations for 100%. They can only be used outside of combat. Use Bandages for in-combat healing.


– You can now sell Rations, Iron Rations and Water Flasks
– Using the Kick skill will now say “Player uses kick!” (replace Player with your name)
– Rendallen Ironforge in Ironforge did not do a proper faction check before speaking to you.
– Monk’s were starting with 7 LUK, this has been decreased back to 1.
– Leaving Ironforge Estates going back into Ironforge no longer requires the press of “Enter” to use the door.
– You can no longer sprint indoors.
– You can no longer enter the wall of the Temple of Life building in North Qeynos.
– A piece of copyrighted music was still lingering in the files… it has been removed.
– A guard roaming near Ironforge should no longer temporarily block your path sometimes when trying to enter the Ironforge area from the area with Sneed’s Trading Post.
– Gnolls look a little more like Gnolls.
– “Fur Lines Shoes” are now more appropriately named “Fur Lined Shoes”.
– Lots of little typos and word wrapping issues have been fixed.
– The enterable Residence with Father and Daugher had you entering from the wrong direction. The Residence map has been updated to fix that.


It is possible the game will not run in Widescreen for you. If it don’t, let me know. A resolution selection will be included in the next release to hopefully solve it.

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