0.3.1: “Currency and Balance” Patch

– Increased max character name length during character creation to 8, up from 6.
– Max characters you can have is 16, reduced from 24.
– Replaced all the copyrighted music so it can soon be publically released.
– New music added, please give feedback!
– Money has been changed to Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper. 10c = 1s, 10s = 1g, 10g = 1p.
– Currency from quest rewards have been changed. They now give how much EQ1 gives.
– Gnoll Pups drop 5 copper instead of 1 plat and no longer drop potions.
– Decaying Skeletons no longer drop currency or potions.
– Removed the grass from the southern part of North Qeynos (it will show as black, which means no map), because South Qeynos will be in that spot soon! Not a field of grass!
– Pressing F5 will allow you to change between Full Screen and Windowed modes.

– Color of the entire User Interface has been changed.
– The ordering of the Quest categories in the Journal have been changed and the Failed Quests category has been removed.
– Save/Load screen will no longer show random inventory loot.
– Removed currency from the HUD due to space limitations (temporary?). You can still view your currency by pressing ESC.
– Word Wrapping was removed in a few dialogues, mainly when you get faction changes after quests and on some signs.
– The “Buy” section of the Merchant window has been adjusted in size to accomodate the new currency.

– Potion has been renamed to Bandages and costs 5s 2c each. They have the same function.
– Removed Hi-Potion and Full Potion from Tanlyn Galliway, merchant in Sneeds.
– Added the following to Tanlyn Galliway:
– Water Flask which recovers 25% of a users MP. Costs 1s. (May change to MP Regeneration, same way Rations do health).
– Rations which increases health regen by 100% temporarily. Costs 2s 6c.
– Iron Rations which increases health regen by 150% temporarily. Costs 1g 5s 7c.
– Gerault Takenmaul at The Cobbler now sells more boots! Inventory complete!

– If a mob is not aggro, you will attack first most of the time. If a mob is aggro, they will attack first most of the time.
– Lowered the attack and defense of the “mangy rat” and “rodents” within North Qeynos to better align with them being weaker and being worth less xp. Health has been increased however, from 10 to 15.
– Warriors start with 5 AGI, Monks with 7 AGI. AGI is what helps determine who attacks first.

– Database changes to allow me to include more items/events than RPG Maker originally allowed. This should not slow down the game. But let me know if you notice any slow downs.

– Lashun Novashine and Dranom Ghenson will now call you by your chosen name instead of “Human Male”.
– Every mob now has a background during battle. No more spiral!
– Skeletons and Gnolls had an outdated loot table. They should now drop armor as intended at a low rate.
– Nerissa Clothspinner will now give you the note for her sister after you accept the quest.
– Using the “Kick” attack will now say that you kicked your enemy, instead of just saying your name.

– When a quest gives you different currencies like 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 copper, it will show in your quest journal as “111” as the gold reward.
– Gnoll and Beetle graphic outside battle is still incorrect.
– Temporary Merchant that sells armor outside of Ironforge did not have the prices altered. They are way cheaper than they should be.
– Boots do not yet have class restrictions on them.

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