0.3.0: “North Qeynos” Patch, Part 1

If you have an existing save and your character is stuck in a wall due to map changes, please contact me! I will free your character for you. You will just have to send me your save file and I will free them, then send the file back to you. WIth the amount of changes however, especially with equipment, I would suggest a new character. But if you sell all equipment from the slots that have been removed before you patch, you *should* be ok. The slots removed are listed below under System Changes/Additions.

Things to think about along with these: Classic EQ was difficult. It took a very long time to level. Stuff was not super easy to afford. I already helped some by introducing a Quest Journal when Classic EQ did not, you relied on the internet, printers, pen and paper. There is only so far I will let up on.
– Does health regeneration stay active at all times OUTSIDE of combat?
– Do the quest givers give you the appropriate quest and/or items associated with the quest?
– Balance. Are mobs too difficult? Too easy? Skills cost too much? Too little?
– Cost of items. Are they fine? Need to be adjusted?
– Item drop rates. Did it become frustrating because an item didn’t drop fast enough? Did they drop too quickly?
– Any other feedback you can give!

– Sound Options have been added so you can adjust volumes.
– The level cap has been increased to 3.
– A new and improved Save system has been added.
– The following equipment slots have been removed to help with balance: Hands, Shoulder, Face, Arms, Cloak, Wrist and Waist.
– You can now move diagonally!
– Some quests will sometimes give you the option to reset a quest. This was added because if you accepted a quest but haven’t completed it yet, and a patch is released that changes any part of it in the journal, the quest will need to be reset to see the changes. The option won’t be added to all, but will be added to those that do get changes.
– Word Wrapping has been added! Words in message boxes will now extend the length, and wrap on its own. Text on existing conversations will be altered at a later release to take advantage of the word wrapping.
– Instead of regaining full life after every battle, you will now regenerate life over time outside of combat.
– Nearly every NPC is now a part of a faction. If you don’t pass a certain faction check, you can’t speak with them. (You should be able to speak with everyone for now, this is more of a backend change for the future).

– Monk’s starting weapon had a small damage increase to better align them as a dps class, and not have the same damage output as a Warrior.
– Monk and Warrior both get “Kick” at level 1 and costs 25 TP.
– Seta Bakindo in the Monk Guild will now only speak to you if you are a Monk. She will provide Monk Armor quests at a later date (the system needed for it is not in game yet).
– You will no longer be auto-granted skills. You need to purchase them from your class Guild (a temporary one for the Warrior is standing outside Sneed’s Trading Post. Warrior guild will be in South Qeynos, for the Monk you can buy them from LuSun outside of the Monk Guild building).

– The look of all buildings have been redone. Some entrances/exits have been either moved or removed.
– Misc. graphical changes and additions around the map.
– In front of the Qeynos Gate has been redone in 1 area.
– A few areas have been increased in size to better accommodate roaming guards.
– Areas where guards can not roam has been changed due to the map changes. But they still have restrictions so they do not have a chance to block the player.
– Bat had a name change to “a whiskered bat”
– Walking up to a sign and pressing “Enter” will tell you what is beyond that location, or in the building. This includes general signs like the Hammer outside Ironforges, the bag outside Sneed’s, etc.. Any sign! If no sign is on a building, just hit enter outside the door, it will still tell you what lies beyond!
– When creating a new character, your Factions page will be empty. It will only populate as you find the faction (by doing quests, killing mobs that give faction, etc…). This is a temporary change, until more races have been added.
– Many new NPCs have been added to North Qeynos, some have a lot to say!
– 1 Residence can now be entered.
– The Cobbler, a shop that sells boots, can now be entered.
– Due to the opening of The Cobbler, the lady that is temporarily selling all Cloth armor pieces no longer sells the sandals, you must buy them from The Cobbler.
– Rodents added around North Qeynos. They give less xp than normal mobs due to being easier, and the rodent whiskers needed for quest (see below for quest) can be sold, but at half price as normal trash loot found in this zone. Whiskers have an 80% drop rate.
– Charisma stat on the status page has been changed to Luck.
– SIgns have gone up at future zone placements to let you know zone name, and that it is coming soon.
– Gibson Galliway has been removed from the game. He was in Sneed Galliway’s Trading Post going on about a missing ring. He may be re-added at a later date.

– Rodents are roaming around North Qeynos! Exterminator Wintloag at the Qeynos gates needs you to kill some!
– Lashun Nife at the Temple of Life entrance wants to heal you if you give him 5 bone chips.

NEW QUESTS that can be accepted, but can not be completed yet:
– Phin Esrinap is ready to tell you about the Yellow Headband after you have gotten the White Headband!
– Guard Welesh at the North Qeynos gates needs someone to take a crate of arrows back to Nesiff in South Qeynos because they are missing their fletchings. It will have 2 different endings (Good or Evil) depending on who you turn the quest into.
– Nomsoe Jusagta near the Temple of Life will send you to speak with the High Priestess in the Temple of Life.
– Enic Ruklin, near the Temple of Life, has a problem with a fish!
– Narissa Clothspinner in Crow’s Pub needs you to deliver a letter to her sister in East Karana.

– Phin Esrinap did not have a name tag in 1 of the message boxes.
– Phin Esrinap looked to be walking while not moving (loaded wrong graphic, super hard to notice unless you are in the editor, so you won’t notice it!).
– You can now talk to NPCs over the counter.
– White Headband said it was required for the Orange Headband. It is actually required for the Yellow Headband. It has been corrected on the item description.
– A wall by the stairs in Sneed’s Trading Post could be walked on. This has been fixed.

– Gnoll graphic on ground is still an Orc.
– Beetle graphic on the ground is still a Spider.
– Narissa Clothspinner will forget to give you the letter. If you accept the quest in this release, I will provide a RESET option so you can gain it in the future.
– Possible issue: Lashun Novashine may ask if you got the bone chips, even after you already did the quest. He should simply say “May Rodcet Nife bless you.” if the quest has been completed.

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