0.2: “The Creation” Patch

– Character creation added! You can select Male or Female, your name, and your class.
– A semi-tutorial after character creation has been added. Please read it all (it is short) or you may go into combat with no weapon.
– Monk class has been added!
– Ironforge Estates, the residence behind Ironforge, can now be entered. It contains 2 floors.
– A few more Guards and NPCs have been added around the city.
– A HUD has been added. It is off by default, simply press D to toggle it on and off.
– Orcs are now Gnolls in battle, names of items/quest objectives have been updated to reflect this.
– Spiders are now correctly Beetles in battle view.
– Bats now spawn outside the city gates.
– Increased mob density slightly outside the city gates.
– The area where the Paladin’s guild is has been added, but no NPCs or enterable buildings yet.
– Mouse control has been removed from the game.

– Gnoll graphic on ground is still an Orc.
– Beetle graphic on the ground is still a Spider.
– Bat’s currently have no loot.
– The tutorial does not say how to open the HUD.
– Mobs in front of the city gates may wander into the city. They are set on random roaming. This will be fixed soon.
– The quest information after gaining the White Headband quest says to get Gnoll Scalps from Orcs, it should say Gnolls.

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