0.2.1: “The Armor Begins” Patch

– The game will now show you what version you are running.
– The NPC that you are talking to will now have a name tag above the message box.
– Bats now have loot: Bat Wings and Bat Fur.
– Skeletons and Gnolls had a name change to Decaying Skeleton and Gnoll Pup, respectively.
– Cloth Armor has been added to the merchant outside Ironforge. Every piece also has a rare chance to drop from Decaying Skeletons and Gnoll Pups.
– Added a little more to the “tutorial” text after character creation.
– Entering the 2nd floor of Sneed Galliway’s Trading Post will now appear as “Sneed’s Trading Post: Floor 2” instead of “Sneed Galliways Trading Post F2” (restrictions on length, I wasn’t a fan of the F2 part. 1st floor will still say Sneed Galliways Trading Post).
– Added more stats to the “Status” screen: Hit Chance, Evasion Chance, Crit Hit Chance, Crit Evasion Chance and Magic Evasion Chance.
– Expanded the wording in the “Status” screen (ie: DEF now shows “Defense”)
– Equipment slot changes: Headgear is now Head, Bodygear is now Chest, and Accessory is now Ring.
– NPCs (including mobs) have restrictions on where they can roam. No more mobs inside the city, and no more guards blocking hallways and doors. Mobs will also not roam on the path.
– Increased the walkway space in front of Ironforge.
– Water graphic has been improved. Lilypads removed (sorry!).
– Hurrieta Ironforge (NPC on the 2nd floor of Ironforge Estates) has been moved to the bedroom on the same floor, and will roam around that room.
– The Paladin’s Guild had a make-over (the building on the water on the East side of the map). Not enter-able yet.

– The NPC just inside the Pub got a hold of a plastic surgeon. He not only looks different, but his face matches up with his character in the dialogue! Horray! He will also now call you by your name, your name is no longer [n]! WOOOO!
– NPC that gives the White Headband quest now correctly calls the mobs Gnolls instead of Orcs.

– Gnoll graphic on ground is still an Orc.
– Beetle graphic on the ground is still a Spider.

– The level cap is still 2.

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